Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Increasing a blog's presence on the Web

Every person is interested in creating a blog of his own and attracts browsers to their website. This is a way of expressing your views to others and at the same time knowing the opinions of the browsers. There are many types of web browsers like casual browsers who browse one page and immediately exit and go to other blog sites. But there are some intense browsers who go through the entire blog site and communicate their views. To attract these browsers one’s blog site must be very interesting and informative without boring them. So, when I made my other blog which is still a newbie, I was intensely interested to bring it to speed in a short span of time. Hence, I went on the Internet and read about how to increase a website or a blog's bounce rate and also reporting them on a regular basis. With that I arrived at - a website dedicated to increasing viewership of a blog/website by offering abundance of related content at NO cost. So, when I tried using this service to improve bounce rate of my new blog, within weeks I saw viewership soaring just due to the fact that people were looking out for more and more related content to the articles on the blog. After that, I recommended it to my friend who was to start a commercial website and he showcased me a 40% increase of traffic in 2 months flat.

Notedlinks also analyses traffic to one's website as well. Now, you can try Notedlinks for free here and let me know how much increase your website/blog received after you used it. Good luck!

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