Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saving costs by consulting for Oracle

Next up on my notes in series of cost cutting measures for Businesses or small companies looking to cut cost in IT spend, this is about Oracle - the database that is preferred by millions across the world. If not consulted and not estimated properly, spending for Oracle will be huge if the company doesn't get to work with a proper Oracle consultant. There has always been a misconception that spending for an Oracle consultant itself is not required but let me tell you it will be the perfect investment one will ever make for any Oracle related implementation since that would save you lots of money in the long run of all implementations of the database for IT usage. So, first things first, there has to be an approach to a company that provides good Oracle consulting services that will be crisp and to the requirement. 

By Oracle consulting, it just doesn't mean that the provider will give an estimate on how much it would cost to implement solutions but also includes cloud services, strategic planning, licensing costs and Oracle Support Services as well - all with the experience that the consultant has. So, have you included this in your cost cutting plan yet?

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