Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Secure Broadband for Students

In this modern era with ever growing technology and innovation, every student needs to keep updated with the latest technology and trends. Every school and colleges need an internal network so that all students irrespective of their location can access the school/college network at any point of time. This gives the privilege to the students and the teachers to make their life simpler by the use of this latest technology. Schools Broadband is one such company which helps out students in schools and colleges to access their internal network with much ease by providing a high superfast bandwidth and extremely tight firewall which filters out unwanted emails reaching this network.  

Schools Broadband allows you to have as many groups as possible to allocate different privileges to different set of groups. Staffs and students can have different privileges in accessing the network and all unwanted websites will be blocked and only secured content can be accessed by using schools broadband. Also, facilities such as Remote working, Contention Ratio are an added advantage of Schools Broadband services. Staffs/Students can access the network from anywhere with the firewall protection and the internet speed is not compromised even during peak periods as the contention ratio is just 3:1. In addition to these services antivirus, anti-spam and anti- spyware are all added to make browsing simpler and wonderful experience with Schools Broadband. 

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