Saturday, October 20, 2012

Twitter followers get you the extra edge

So, I decided to talk about some social media today and before talking why social media marketing is important for an entrepreneur or a small business or for that matter, even for large organizations. Why is having a huge fan following important in social media places - Facebook and Twitter being mandatory places  among all the social media plethora!

For small time entrepreneurs, its time they went big with social media helping out 70% of conversion of leads (according to market studies). The advantage large organizations have is they have a persona/brand/company name that is known to people out there. People start following these accounts from the moment they are created in social media places. You now might be wondering how other starter folks/business are having thousands of twitter followers without much ado. Its simple. They buy twitter followers. But buying social media followers should be done from the best people in the industry who do quality services and get quality and real followers! So, now you know why and what are the advantages of buying twitter followers and how it will bring conversion of leads to regular customers in your business. Hail technology, every time, for every offer it gives us.

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