Sunday, November 11, 2012

Finding a florist online

Well, my friend came up with this question this morning as I was having coffee over today's news. He called me up over the blue and asked where could find a florist an online florist shop in Singapore as he wanted to deliver a bouquet to his beau over there! What'd I do? Simple. Go online and get one for him!  I didn't really scout for a florist's address, I knew the exact place where one could get a Singapore florist online and that did help him for a long time.

Meanwhile, my friend opened this new website and he wanted to do some optimization - like to get the website readable by search engines very easily and also to help his website establish the initial ground so that he gets people to see it. I suggested him to contact a SEO company online and get this done as experts know how to optimize the website in the perfect way.


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