Sunday, November 11, 2012

Of Designs and SEOs

So the challenge thrown to me today was that in no time I had to find my cousin a neat place which would do the perfect designs out there yet keep it simple. My cousin, apparently, wanted some designs for the prototype software he's doing all day and all night. So I had to help him out else he would start saying I'm only bragging about tech stuff to my readers and don't help him a lot. So I set out to find that one place and guess what I thought I found the right place early. The design agency singapore, known for their popular services offered over the Internet had a good catalog that my cousin liked and after that it was just game on!

Meanwhile, his prototype's website required some optimization, very much as far as I looked at it. So, as I said in my earlier post today, I referred my cousin as well to the same SEO company to whom I referred my friend to. His website must be analyzed as I'm typing this!

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