Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Use Tech to read a new age super hero book - Lincoln Nabb and the Bully's Father

It's a dream for every child to have super power. My favorite super hero is superman. In our childhood we dream to become a superhero so that we can achieve whatever we want by using our super powers. There are many comics and storybooks on superheroes. Their characters are very cool and the gadgets which they use are very awesome. Superman is my favorite superhero. And his costume stands out compared to other superheroes.

So, today I set out to search a new age story that will kindle the super hero inside me and read it on my Kindle. I chanced upon this book where a school boy suddenly gets superpowers and he finds it difficult to control his powers. When a person attains such power at a young age his life becomes very difficult as "with great power comes great responsibilities" and the life of that person changes drastically as he becomes an abnormal person. Here's the link to the Amazon page for the book - Lincoln Nabb and the Bully's Father. More on the story, it is hard to master superpower since it takes lot of dedication and concentration to master such skills and it should be used for the goodness of humanity only. They should not fall prey to the evil designs of anti social elements and cause harm to the human race. At the same time a person having superpower must be very careful as he has to safeguard himself from his enemies and other dangers lurking around him. By using their intelligence and smartness they have to come out of such situations. All this had been meticulously described in this book and that's what I believe makes this piece a winner amongst the new age super heroes. The Author's blog is right here in blogger and it's nice to see the author reaching out to his fans so eagerly! Have/had a super hero inside as a kid? You know which book to buy now!

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