Thursday, November 8, 2012

Managing reputations Online

To start with - trust me - it is not that easy. We have all noticed big companies who built a huge brand name over years and decades take a hit when it came to people reviewing their products/brand online. Simple because the company didn't know how to manage its brand on the most important place of the 21st century - Internet.

So, how does the company manage to do this and get even on the Internet as well with managing the best image of the company online? They hire experts who are best at it. Before I talk more, watch this video to know how an expert actually manages online reputation:

That video would have given the best insight one would probably require on online reputation management. As a brief ending, there are a few things which should be carefully noticed if the reputation management expert provides on the Internet - Confidentiality, increasing social media presence in positive terms, promoting local listings would be my picks. So, if you own a brand or know someone who does, are you managing it online yet?  

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