Sunday, November 4, 2012

Of Androids and Apples

If you thought I'm going to write about the robots called Androids and apples that fell on Newton's head, you are so wrong but research does prove that when people are given these two words, they instantly think about the technology related Android - Google's mobile operating system that is almost used in 1 out of 5 smartphones these days (my own study) and Apple - the technology giant which makes phones called iPhones, tablets called iPads and of course, their operating system for their own desktop computers name iOS. 

With that nifty introduction, I'm going to talk about the latest offering from Apple - the iPhone 5 and that place which listed excellent reasons to upgraded to the iphone 5 smartphone. Going by Apple's claims and people's studies, it can be indeed true that this phone does have an improved Battery life along with the newest features of 4G, a very thin phone when compared to its predecessors and of course the improved camera on a taller screen. 

Now for some android stuff. I'm a heavy android user and I use my phone to its highest possible limit of installing and UN-installing "apps" every other hour. But when I needed the best apps for processing and editing documents on my android phone, I had a good read at the article on the best android smartphone apps for documents. I got the required and perfect list and now I'm happy with what I use to do my documents!

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