Friday, November 2, 2012

Science of bawell drinking water technology

Oxidization and Free Radicals
Free radicals are a term often used in nutrition and health magazines to identify the dangerous effects of oxidative agents in the body. The Alkaline diet is one of the best ways to fight acidity in the diet and increase the amount of free radical fighting antioxidants in the body. The diet usually consists of raw fruits and vegetables that have high pH’s to combat the acidity of low pH processed foods. This high pH of healthy fruits and vegetables balances the body to a healthy natural level.

The difficulty of starting this diet is that over years of eating processed foods, fruits and vegetables just don't give enough fighting power. So what is the solution to fighting acidity in the diet? Alkaline water ionizers are far more effective that fruits and vegetables to balancing the acidity in the body. These water purifiers are one of the most potent tools in creating antioxidant drinking water.

Understanding the benefits

The science of bawell drinking water technology uses electrolysis to make reduced water of a higher pH. The addition of an electron gives the water the ability to fight free radicals, hydrate better, and improve digestion and weight loss. These machines can produce water with a pH of around 10 which is important for individuals looking to start an alkaline diet because they produce much higher pH’s, and thus are more effective in fighting acidity, than a diet strictly on fruits and vegetables.

Water Ionization and Increased hydration

Studies have shown that reduced water increases the body's ability to hydrate itself more than twice as effectively as normal tap water. Not only does increased hydration have its own health benefits, but alkaline ionized drinking water also promotes better absorption of nutrients when served with food.

Water Filtration vs. Ionization

The Bawell brand line of ionizers filter water, purify it, and ionize it. Water filtration removes impurities and infectious organic matter from water. The process of ionization is when the water ionizer uses electrolysis to add an electron to water molecules to make them effectively fight oxidation in the body. The ionization process does not remove important essential nutrients in water that the body needs like reverse osmosis and distillation filtration systems do. Drinking this water is the perfect addition to any diet, and for many people, they increase the probability of success for the changes people are looking for. Reduced drinking water improves hydration, increase weight loss, and fights free radicals. If you really are interested in improving your health then you definitely want to look into the health benefits of drinking this water.

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