Thursday, September 6, 2012

Coupon codes for video converter softwares

Video converter softwares are aplenty out there. From ripping videos from DVDs, Blu Rays, Audio CDs and even converting any possible video format to another, there are softwares available for each of these operations separately or for doing all these together by a single software. All said and done, it definitely comes with a price tag! People get annoyed when they see the rocketing prices that they have to pay to get these softwares, and that includes me as well... until today.

I set out to find some of the nice video converting, DVD/Blu Ray ripping for both my Windows and Mac PCs. Aimersoft has some nice softwares and the Total Media converter perfectly fitted my bill. The cost was more than OK for my budget. Being a coupon/promo codes fan, I then set out find a aimersoft coupon that will bring down the base price to within my budget and also I can add some more to my cart. The aimersoft coupon code that I took was for the Video Converter Ultimate and saved half the price - flat! How cool was that? Time to do some conversions now..


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