Thursday, September 6, 2012

Get YouTube videos on your computer!

How many times have you thought "oh that video is so cool, wish I had it on my computer so that I can watch it whenever I want" by seeing a viral video on YouTube? If the answer is at least 3+ times, then you are not alone. Welcome to the league of folks who simply can't wait until an online video streams to their local PC via their "oh not so famous" Internet connection. For all of us in this league, I've got an answer!

To start with, there are plenty of softwares out there that proclaim that they can download YouTube videos in a jiffy and store them in your computer and you can watch them anytime. However, when I agree that they exist, I can't agree on the point that they come at zero cost or zero download. They come with a price tag and also, you first have to download the huge software! How about a simple online solution, or better yet a toolbar that stays right up there on your browser window and all you have to do is to use to search for your required YouTube video and download youtube videos to mp3 and also to a nice video if you require this option. One click is all that we need to do. Once you have done that, I welcome you to the new league then!

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