Sunday, September 9, 2012

Technology to make better glass products

Nano technology is used in making glass and many types of glass are made according to their usage which is more durable and easy to maintain.

More and more construction companies around the world have started using glass in their constructions to add ambience to the building. From the entrance to other interior areas glass is used for variety of places as per their utility. The main doors in most of the building are made of glass like automatic glass doors, revolving glass doors, sliding doors, etc. In the same way glass railings are used for staircases and glass partition doors are used in other rooms and glass cubicle is used in bathrooms. And sliding glass doors are used as partition doors in bathrooms. For windows glass panels are used and for mirrors also glass is used extensively to enhance the beauty.

In furnitures also glass is used in making glass shelves, tabletops, counter tops, etc. Nowadays quality glass is available for all the requirements which are very durable and elegant in look.The glass installation is done in many key areas of usage and in vehicles also glass is used. Windscreens are made of tempered glass and for windows bullet proof glass panes are also used for VIPs.

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