Saturday, September 8, 2012

Technology that builds better shower doors

On the series of stuff that I write about praising those individuals and companies that have embraced the maximum use of technology and less dependent on guess work to make better products, today I wanted to write about something that is used everyday in our routine - no matter wherever we are, which mood we are in and whatever we do - I thought about what it could it be when I was in the shower today. Then I looked up at my shower and the shower door that never went saline or broke inspite of all those water spraying on it that's it - I wanted to write about shower doors!

Might sound a strange idea - but believe me, there is so much technology that goes into making one. They are typically made of tempered glass or aluminum or clear glass. So, ideally the technology that goes behind making these is the key to building a better shower door ideal for all time use. For designing such doors, there is altogether different computer aided design tools available. You can learn all about shower doors from NYC's quality shower doors makers and even go ahead and buy some when you are impressed! 

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