Sunday, September 2, 2012

Smart Glass technology for smart spaces

Technology has come a long way in defining how we uses spaces. From homes to corporates to large scaled industries, people have become so much glass savvy that they are replacing almost every wall with glass walls. Reason? They are unique, they add a different taste, they attract people's eyes - all at the same time in addition to secure, smart and providing the level of privacy required. Framed, frame-less and textured are common designs that are chosen but there are more. With my recent visits to a corporate firm as a consultant, I found some nice and intriguing designs. Upon more questions from me on the glass walls than on their software, I found that it was from who are kind of pioneers in making elegant glass walls along with their elegant website portraying all their work and results.  

Smart glass technology helps here. The point is, when it comes to glasses, care is to be taken using tools to carve or chisel out designs. Some resort to just sticking materials to ensure glass remains safe but only a nyc glass wall gives out that smart look because it was made by people who love technology, just like me. You show the space, the wall will show you a smart space!

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