Sunday, September 9, 2012

Go Online and start chatting!

The basic way of communication is done via phones. But as technology improved we started using cell phones. SMS is an easy way of communication to friends and family. And nowadays teenagers are addict to SMS. Internet is a very important technology which is very useful in all aspects of life. There are many applications which are dependent upon Internet. Via Internet communication has become very easier. Communication is the main advantage via Internet. To communicate to friends abroad we can make calls and video calls via some applications for free.

Messengers also help in easy communication and chat became a very important tool for communication between friends and family. Chat is nothing but threaded messaging. Many other applications were used along with chat like chat rooms. There will be categories of chat rooms from which we can choose. And the people who are online will be displayed; we can make new friends or chat with our friend who is in the same chat room. Chat rooms also helped many other applications like games. We can play online games with friends. Chat has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are many servers hosting chat room facilities online for free. In order to have secured chats there are many encryptions done.

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