Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Walkthrough the ever popular Angry Birds!

Angry Birds - the game that took the mobile world by storm. Reason? Because it followed the laws of physics and gravity quite strictly but with a set of birds and pigs. That's technical but the amount of fun and learning from this game are endless. We learn so much physics in the form of shooting an object as light as a bird into the sky and what happens to the objects that it is shot at. The amount of fun derived out of beating the green pigs black and blue is the biggest reason. 

So, this morning I was playing the latest "season" of Angry Birds on my smart phone and just was curious if there was more to these popular birds than the game itself. Onto the Internet, I found Angry Birds journal had some interesting videos of the Bad Piggies - a game that is the most talked about in the mobile arena and is set to be out very soon. Watching more videos of the Bad Piggies made me more impatient to the game! Also, for those of you who don't know what Angry Birds is - I'll be sad for you but you can still start now - there are even PC versions where you can play with the good old mouse(the computer mouse that is). For those of you who'd want to know more about how to surpass the green piggies in each of the Angry Birds franchise, I'd suggest to visit the walkthrough section of the website here and get all those 3 stars easy as a dime.

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